LifeSpan R.I.S.C Test First time in India! for Pre Diabetic & Diabetic risk assessment

How can it help you?

  • Your health score – quantify your health status; monitor your progress, adhere to treatment to improve your score
  • Screening – test whether you are at risk of having diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Prevent complications – diabetics are at increased risk of developing heart diseases, problems with vision, kidneys and nerve damage. Lifespan R.I.S.C test helps to detect whether you are at risk of developing these complications.

How is the test done?

  • A blood pressure cuff is attached to your arm
  • A pulse-oximeter is attached to your index finger
  • Your feet are placed on a galvanic plate
  • The test takes 7 minutes and reports are available immediately

30 Vital Cardio-metabolic Indicators

  • Diabetic and pre-diabetic risk by measuring insulin resistance
  • Cardiac performance
  • Autonomous nervous system activity
  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve damage
  • Blood vessel linings

Why choose Lifespan?

  • An individualized management plan based on your unique lifestyle, dietary habits, nature of work, family history, personal medical history and current fitness.
  • Unified solution with expertise, diagnostics and guidance under one convenient roof. Easy-to-access electronic medical records.
  • A support system working in multiple modes to advise and arrange various means of support to diabetics.
  • Uniformity of standards followed across clinics that are designed to maximize convenience, therapy effectiveness and continuity of client support.
  • Standardized quality across its chain of Lifespan Clinics