Lifespan’s Exclusive Short Term Plans

Lifespans R.I.S.C. Smart
A complete diabetes treatment plan
With the Lifespan's R.I.S.C. Smart treatment, you get comprehensive tests, based on which our diabetologists and dieticians give you the right treatment for diabetes and diabetic complications.
monthly-consultation-iconMonthly cosultation with diabetologist and dieticians (4 months) Our experts treat you based on guidelines of American Diabetes Association of India.
risc-tratment-icon R.I.S.C. Test (Cardiometabolic Test) Comprehensively screens 30 vital cardiometabolic health indicators, and indicates your risk for future health complications.
retina-traetment-icon Retinospan (Eye Test) Anadvanced eye examination for early detection of diabetic retinopathy.
igha-treatmentIGHA Test (HbA1c Test) IGHA test measures your 3 months average blood sugar level, and indicates how well you manage your diabetes.
 Other Key Tests   ECG | FOOTSPAN | BLOOD TEST
Lifespan’s Glucorite Treatment
Treat Diabetes The Right Way
Introducing Lifespan Glucorite Treatment, a personalized diabetes treatment plan based on advanced glucose monitoring by expert diabetologist & dieticians
Glucose fluctuations in diabetics body are dangerous and increases your risk of complications in your heart, kidney, eyes and nerves.
With the Glucorite treatment, you get the right profile of glucose pattern which ordinary tests can not give, based on which our expert diabetologist & dieticians give you the right treatment in line with American Diabetes Association and Indian Diabetes Association guidlines.
Win Over Weight & Inches
Introducing Zerona-world’s best waist-reduction treatment at a sweet-smart price
  • First Non Invasive Body Contouring Procedure to effectively remove Excess Fat and inches from your waist body with no surgery, no pain & no downtime.
  • Approved by Food & Drug Administration (USA)
Along with this you get personalized diet plans to help eliminate the waist fat.
You also get Specialist’s help in overcoming obstacles to waist reduction.
Lose up to 3.5 inches