• Applying most modern concepts in diabetes management, the Lifespan Specialist will take a complete look at your individual condition. At Lifespan, you have easier access to advice and receive better attention.

    Assessing all the factors, your doctor at Lifespan Clinic will first work out a personalized plan that involves simple lifestyle additions to the way you lead your life.

    At Lifespan, we have specialized equipment and qualified personnel for the effective management of diabetes. We offer individuals a solution that is tailor-made to their requirements. We help in the early detection, its management and help to keep your diabetes in check.

  • For most of us, diet means food restriction. Diet means a journey through bland, boring foods. For your body to function properly, you need a healthy and balanced diet plan – eating the right type of foods.

    Taking care of your nutrition is the first step towards management of diabetes.

    At Lifespan, our dietitians take into account the available evidence like an individual’s health conditions, liking, and cultural preferences. A nutritional plan is made in consultation with the diabetic patient i.e. the patient is a part of the decision making process. The objective of using evidence-based recommendations is to improve diabetes care by creating awareness among clinicians and persons with diabetes about the beneficial effects of nutrition based therapies.

    Because of the complexity of nutrition based issues, it is recommended that a registered dietitian plan out your diet. We, at Lifespan, have knowledgeable and skilled dietitians who would assist you in implementing an efficient nutrition therapy to manage your diabetes.

  • Lifespan’s R.I.S.C test

    • Takes just 14 minutes
    • Non-invasive and painless – no blood samples
    • Only 3 hours fasting required
    • Cardio-metabolic risk and autonomic nervous system risk score for continued monitoring
    • Patient compliance high

    Who should do the test?

    • People at risk of diabetes - Overweight and obese, Family history of diabetes,
         High blood pressure and high cholesterol, Smoking, Sedentary Lifestyle.
    • Pre diabetics
    • Diabetics
       - Controlled
       - Uncontrolled
    • Diabetics with cardiac complications

    What is R.I.S.C?

    The R.I.S.C. test comprehensively investigates 30 vital cardio-metabolic health indicators. The test screens for insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance. It determines the optimum functioning of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and checks for deterioration of muscle and nerve reflexes.Sudomotor test measures the extent of neural response and detects nerve damage (neuropathy). Cardiovascular health is also assessed by determination of ventricular function and hemodynamic analysis.Blood pressure and lipid markers are also assessed as indicators of chronic or symptomatic hypertension.

    In conclusion, the R.I.S.C test helps determine if a patient is at risk of developing diabetes and if a patient is diabetic, it helps measure the risk a patient may have for the complications associated with the disease.

    R.I.S.C - Report on Insulin Sensitivity and Control Test - is being introduced for the first time in India by Lifespan. The R.I.S.C. test is already being successfully used by clinicians across the US and Europe.

    The R.I.S.C.test offers two significant benefits:

    • It is non-invasive and takes just 14 minutes.
    • The result is obtained immediately after the test is done waiting period for the patient.


    Lifespan’s R.I.S.C test


    • Subject sits on a chair with feet placed on the galvanic plate
    • Pulse oximeter is attached to right index finger,
         blood pressure cuff applied to left arm
    • The first phase consists of the patient sitting in a relaxed state
    • The second phase records BP response to Valsalva maneuver
    • The third phase records BP response to deep breathing
    • The last phase records BP response in standing position

    R.I.S.C - Measured Parameters


    R.I.S.C - Intended Uses and Features


    Cardio-metabolic Risk Factors Conventional Methods versus R.I.S.C


  • Blue Score is a comprehensive health risk assessment Index of an Individual / Family / Organization. This is based on determining the Risk or Chronic & High mortality disorders like Diabetes, Cardiac & Other Metabolic Syndromes. The protocol developed by experts involves medical history assessment, invasive & non-invasive tests and other examinations. Periodic measurement of Blue Score has shown to have improved health awareness and medical outcomes

    Blue Score for:

    • Blue Win is a comprehensive package by Lifespan for medical weight management. Blue Win package focuses on decreasing waist circumference and weight management. It is designed to lower your diabetes and cardio-metabolic risks.
    • 3 pronged approach of Blue Win package
    • 1. Zerona
    • 2. Diet & Lifestyle
    • 3. Medical Intervention
    • Zerona is the only FDA approved Class II medical device indicated for use as a non-invasive treatment for the reduction of circumference of waist, hips, and thighs.
    • Lose weight and achieve healthy target weight.
    • Better blood sugar control
    • Improve your confidence
    • Reduce the cardiac risk
    • Lower cholesterol levels
    • Lower your blood pressure
    • Lose inches from the waist
    • Look better
    • In earlier times, being overweight and having an abdominal paunch was perceived as a sign of prosperity and health. But research indicates that increased body weight, especially increase in abdominal fat has causal relation to serious diseases like coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, certain cancers, sub-fertility, and menstrual irregularities.
    • blue-win-benefit
    • ♦ In earlier times, being overweight and having an abdominal paunch was perceived as a sign of prosperity and health. But research indicates that increased body weight, especially increase in abdominal fat has causal relation to serious diseases like coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, certain cancers, sub-fertility, and menstrual irregularities.
    • Zerona
    • ♦ The cold laser technology behind Zerona procedure was shown to exclusively release the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact.
    • ♦ The release of the fat cell contents is the result of the disruption of the cell’s membrane. This membrane disruption, called a transitory pore, is the result of low-level laser stimulation.
    • ♦ Prior to laser exposure, fat cells have a regular, cluster shape, as seen in Figures 1 to 8.
    • ♦ Within minutes of low level laser exposure, fat cells begin to develop transitory pores as indicated by arrows in Figures 3-6.
    • ♦ This pore allows the evacuation of the cell’s contents into extracellular space (see Figure 4).
    • ♦ Once the contents of the fat cell have been emptied (Fig. 7), they are released into interstitial space where it can be passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification.
    • zerona
    • ♦ Zerona is the first laser procedure to effectively remove excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods.
    • ♦ The Zerona cold lasers provide patients with a safer alternative to surgical procedures, it does not cause any bruising, swelling, and damage to other tissues.
    • ♦ Unlike other non-invasive approaches, Zerona low-level lasers do not rely on heating tissue, which can cause discomfort.
    • ♦ There is no downtime, so patients can resume their normal activities immediately.
    • zerona
    • Diet
    • ♦ We treat our diet consultations as a lesson in food science thus enabling our Blue Winners to continue to eat healthy and eat smart.
    • ♦ We also provide our tested recipes and our personal diary along with the app which helps them monitor their activities and not fall back into unhealthy habits.
    • Medical Intervention
    • ♦ Our thorough investigation panel (blood tests, sonography, ECG, R.I.S.C. Plus test, IGHA) is designed to pick up minor abnormalities and also the health risks.
    • ♦ Thus, we can address the cause and also the risks associated with obesity.
    • ♦ Weight management plans usually focus only on weight loss or Body Mass Index (BMI). But BMI provides no information about distribution of body fat.
    • ♦ In contrast, the measurement of waist circumference provides information regarding fat topography – where body fat is stored.
    • ♦ Harvard University estimates that around 10% of the fat on our body is stored within our abdominal cavity around our organs.
    • ♦ People who carry their weight centrally are particularly at risk of developing heart disease and type 2 Diabetes.
    • ♦ Visceral fat in particular appears to be associated with insulin resistance which leads to type 2 diabetes. Visceral fat is also associated with adverse lipid profiles which in turn predispose to cardiovascular disease.
    • ♦ For this reason, waist circumference measurement is increasingly recognized as being a more important tool than simple BMI measurement in assessing an individual's health risks associated with overweight and obesity.
    • ♦ Blue Win plan addresses this issue and focuses on lowering your weight and waist size and thus decrease your health risks.
    • ♦ Weight management is done by diet & lifestyle modifications along with medical interventions.
    • ♦ Circumference reduction of waist is done by the laser treatment.
    • How does Blue Win work?
    • Preserves fat cell viability while restoring a lean state.
    • Focuses on therapies to promote insulin sensitivity.
    • Reduces the risk of diabetes & other cardiometabolic disorders.
    • Diet plan substitutes unhealthy foods by healthy alternatives.
    • Medical intervention treats underlying disorders.
    • Zerona is used as an adjunct to these measures
    • Awareness phase
    • A thorough health checkup is done before starting with Blue Win.
    • Our medical team ensures that during the plan you do not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies or health problems.
    • The underlying disorder and health risks are treated by the doctor and the diet and lifestyle modifications also personalized to address these issues.
    • We use Zerona in our plan which is FDA approved non-invasive, pain-free cold laser, without any side effects and downtime.
    • Intensive phase
    • Weight loss and waist loss is ensured through the Zerona laser sessions and diet and lifestyle changes.
    • The protocol has been designed by experts in the field of endocrinology, obesity and diabetes.
    • The customized treatment plan will be based on your initial investigations and will be supervised by our physician.
    • You will lose weight and waist size during this phase in a healthy manner.
    • Post this phase; you will see an improvement in your health as seen by a repeat Lifespan R.I.S.C. Plus test.
    • Stabilization phase
    • The plan is now relaxed and emphasis is on eliminating the risk of falling back into old habits.
    • Follow practical tips and live smart.
    • Follow up with the doctor within 3 months to ensure your good health.
    • Blue Win is a comprehensive plan which is used for weight loss and waist loss. Zerona is adjuncted with a personalized diet and medical intervention.
    • The lifestyle changes advised take your health condition into consideration so you can continue with these changes even after the plan.
    • Our diet plan has been tested not only to be effective but it can also be continued long term. Zerona has been proven to be effective through a double blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo-controlled study.
    • Patients lost on an average 3.64 inches from the circumference of their waist, hip and thighs, whereas the placebo group only lost an average of a half of an inch. Medical interventions treat your medical condition.
    • A 2010 article in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in both serum triglyceride and total cholesterol levels following a standard two-week, six-sitting Zerona treatment and thus lowers cardiovascular risk.
    • Decreasing weight is also associated with better glycemic control in diabetes by reducing insulin resistance. In pre-diabetics a healthy weight may result in you stopping or delaying the onset of diabetes. Weight loss leads to better insulin sensitivity and improves Polycystic Ovarian disease.
  • #WinOverDiabetes

    Click here to know what you can do to #WinOverDiabetes

    An initiative by Lifespan & Times of India for a Healthy India

      Awareness & Education

    Educating 10 lakh Indians about Diabetes

    Awareness about diabetes and its life threatening complications is the biggest worry India faces today. Lifespan aims to educate 10 lakh Indians about this issue. For this, Lifespan encourages people to take the #WinOver10Diabetics challenge. Our diabetes experts will train 1 lakh volunteers with free diabetes education material (brochures, Power Point presentations, videos).

    All your diabetic worries answered

    Many queries trouble diabetics all the time. Lifespan provides free diabetes counseling at its clinics and the free ‘Win Over Diabetes’ e-book available on answers all your queries about diabetes.

    Creating diabetes awareness globally

    Diabetes is a global epidemic and needs to be addressed. Lifespan has created Times of India microsite dedicated to diabetes, which sees 5 lakh visitors every month. While hundreds of people take the special quiz to test their diabetes knowledge, more than 1000 experts are answering your questions through chat & email. The website also features expert articles on diabetes management. Lifespan also publishes a weekly page in the Times of India newspaper on diabetes management.

    Managing diabetes smartly

    Managing diabetes can be difficult and time consuming. Lifespan’s free android app ‘Lifespan Diabetes Management’ (download from Google Play Store) help you monitor your blood sugar levels, keep track of your records and share them with others and seek social groups’ support. Lifespan also sends daily health tips SMS to registered customers.

    Protecting the future of India

    With the increasing childhood obesity in the country children is at higher risk of developing diabetes in the future. Lifespan plans to educate school children across India through camps so that future India will be Healthy India.

     Screening & Testing

    Revolutionizing diabetes management

    A diabetic body is often invaded by pricking for a blood sugar check. Lifespan’s revolutionary R.I.S.C. Vital test (only available at Lifespan clinics) is a non-invasive (no need of blood) test which shows your current diabetes status and risk of possible future health complications. It is an integral part of effective diabetes management.

    Blood sugar monitoring not a worry now

    Diabetics need to test their blood sugar regularly, but the expensive glucometer strips in the market increase your diabetes management cost. Lifespan’s ‘Lifespan Measure Gold Glucose Meter’ is one of the world’s most accurate & reliable glucose minitors with strips costing less than Rs. 10 per strip.

    Making diabetics' self-sure

    Diabetics must know how well they’re managing their diabetes so that they can make the necessary modifications in their lifestyle. Lifespan’s DMI (Diabetes Management Index) Android app (free download from Google Play Store) tells you how well you’re managing diabetes. You can also take the free DMI test on

    Warning pre-diabetics at the right time

    With 20 crore pre-diabetics in India, the population really needs to know their Health Risk Assessment Index. Lifespan’s Blue Score test assesses your health risk in just Rs. 25. Also, you can get the Random Blood Sugar (RBS) test done at Rs. 15 only.

    With #WinOverDiabetes initiative, Lifespan plans to reach out to even the smallest parts of India by doing 50,000 diabetes and pre-diabetes screenings across India.

    Proven results

    Since its inception, Lifespan has touched more than 61,890 lives with more than 25,114 patients visiting Lifespan. More than 17,132 patients took Lifespan’s R.I.S.C. test and over 5,092 patients enrolled for Lifespan’s personalized long term plans. 67% patients on Lifespan’s long term plans saw a significant reduction in their high blood sugar levels.

      Value Service for Everyone

    Now don’t compromise on your needs

    Diabetes management can be expensive and many diabetics compromise on the specialized care they need. Lifespan is giving up to 50% discount on its services and new innovative health products so that anyone can get the diabetes care they need.

    Lifelong care for lifelong diabetes

    Diabetes is a lifelong disease and requires lifelong care. Lifespan’s long term plans are customized based on a diabetic’s lifestyle, nature of work, personal & family medical history, dietary habits and current fitness levels; and are cost effective so that the cost of diabetes management is reduced significantly.

    Saving your time, money & energy

    Diabetics have to visit different centres for different diabetic needs. To save their time, money and energy, Lifespan has launched Lifespan Online – specialist diabetes care at the convenience of your home or office.

    With Lifespan online, you can get online appointments with doctors, e-consultations, e-prescriptions, EMR as well as home delivery of medicines. Lifespan provides blood sugar testing at home with a Phlebotomist visiting your home and reports will be emailed to you.

    Because women need the care they deserve

    While diabetic women take care of their families, they themselves don’t get the care they deserve. Lifespan gives an extra 30% discount on services & health products for women so that they can get the specialist full care they need.

    Specialist diabetes care within your reach

    Diabetes is a critical disease and specialist care should be within the reach. With Lifespan Express Clinic and Lifespan Express Chemists, diabetes care is always within your reach. Lifespan Vans will reach out to remotest areas to spread diabetes awareness, conduct screenings and checkups.

    People in remote areas are always deprived of the healthcare they require. Lifespan Doctor Tabs provide specialist diabetes care at your home with just one click. With telemedicines, e-consultations and online appointments, Lifespan provides maximum technical support. You can stay connected with Lifespan’s Specialist from anywhere, at any time.

      Acknowledging Diabetic Invictus

    There are many Indians living with diabetes for a long time and it’s no less than fighting a battle. Lifespan’s Invictus program will honor such diabetics and telling their story to the world through films, cover stories, books, interviews, and everything possible.