A Personalized Diet Plan

For most of us, diet means food restriction. Diet means a journey through bland, boring foods. For your body to function properly, you need a healthy and balanced diet plan – eating the right type of foods.

Taking care of your nutrition is the first step towards management of diabetes.

At Lifespan, our dietitians take into account the available evidence like an individual’s health conditions, liking, and cultural preferences. A nutritional plan is made in consultation with the diabetic patient i.e. the patient is a part of the decision making process. The objective of using evidence-based recommendations is to improve diabetes care by creating awareness among clinicians and persons with diabetes about the beneficial effects of nutrition based therapies.

Because of the complexity of nutrition based issues, it is recommended that a registered dietitian plan out your diet. We, at Lifespan, have knowledgeable and skilled dietitians who would assist you in implementing an efficient nutrition therapy to manage your diabetes.