We are India’s First and Largest Chain of Diabetes Clinics. It’s a caring endeavour founded by the late Ashok Jain, who was a diabetic himself for 25 years. After his death, the lifespan legacy is being continued by Mr Jayaseelan of the Delvin group. We have already reached out to help more than 1 lakh diabetics through our network of clinics.

Diabetes is a difficult disease where a patient has to be mindful of his lifestyle and food. So we don’t want the added hassle of waiting for a doctor, going to a diagnostic centre, finding products and medicines in another place etc. At Lifespan, we take the stress out of diabetes care. We provide everything a diabetic might need, under one roof. Right from diagnosis to speaking to a dietician, educator, or diabetologist. As a patient, you don’t have to keep going from pillar to post. We believe in early detection and prevention of diabetic complications so there is no burden of expensive treatment later. So life is easy and convenient for the patient and the diabetics can live a fully productive life.

Insulin is not a cure for diabetes; It is a treatment.


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Diabetes Clinic on wheels

August 11, 2023

What else a diabetic patien can ask for

Narayan jha

Good initiative

August 11, 2023

Diabetes clinic on Wheels is a good initiative through which patients get hassle-free service.

Ganesh Karuppiah

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