9 Exclusive Exercise Tips For Pre-Diabetics

December 12, 20190

A sedentary lifestyle with minimal activity has become one of the leading factors for the rise of pre-diabetes and diabetes in India. Individuals can be found sitting for a large part of the day, be it at work, home or even during a social gathering. Further, when it comes to the gym or maintaining an exercise routine, no one seems to have time in the day.

Well, if you are someone who is generally sedentary and has been classified as pre-diabetic, do not worry. We bring you exclusive exercise tips that can help you start your exercise routine in a healthy and effective manner to correctly beat pre-diabetes and possibly even reverse it!

1. Start small

For someone who hasn’t been active for a while, starting an intense exercise routine suddenly is surely going to have a negative impact. You don’t have to run at a high speed or a long distance on your first day. It’s ok to start with 10 minutes and build up your intensity as you move along.

2. Always do your warm-up and cool-down stretches

A common mistake made by people is jumping into the exercise routine without an adequate warm-up. This is essential as it warms up your muscles and prepares your body for the main exercise. Additionally, it helps the heart rate build and slow down in a healthy manner, which is essential in pre-diabetes as high sugar levels add to heart risk.

3. Go for a walk

Walking is among the most recommended exercise for pre-diabetics as it can be done by anyone, even beginners, at any time and with low risk of injury. Research studies indicate that even thirty minutes of brisk walking, thrice a can help lower blood sugar levels and improve overall fitness.

4. Add some yoga

This ancient form of exercise is perfect for everyone and especially for people with a hormonal imbalance or elevated sugar levels. The yoga asanas offer complete body movements in a gentle manner and help improve sugar metabolism, nerve function, heart function and overall fitness, all of which are essential with pre-diabetes.

5. Jazz up your routine with aerobics and dance

It is also important for people with pre-diabetes to do some intense exercises 3 times a week to get the heart pumping and improve sugar metabolism. It improves blood sugar and helps fight stress while burning away a good amount of calories.

6. Power on with strength-training

Elevated sugar levels can affect your muscle strength and nervous system over time. This is why people with pre-diabetics are advised to include some strength training exercises that keep the joints and muscles strong. In addition, these exercises increase the need for energy by the muscles thereby promoting increased conversion of sugar into energy.

7. Don’t push yourself too hard

Keep in mind that when you start your exercise routine, there are going to be days your body feels sore or days you can’t do much. Don’t push yourself too hard when you are uncomfortable but listen to your body and adapt your routine for the day accordingly.

8. Carry a snack

In case you feel that your blood sugar levels are fluctuating during your workout routine leading to dizziness or low energy, carry a snack like a fruit or crackers to counter low sugar levels.

9. Reward yourself

A little motivation can go a long way in motivating you to stay on track with your exercise regime. Each time you achieve a goal, reward yourself with something fun.

These exercise tips are just supplementary to get your sugar levels in control, but  it is recommended to get a timely diagnosis and treatment from a Diabetologist, as Prediabetes with proper treatment and lifestyle changes can be reversed.

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