Don’t Ignore These 5 Lesser Known Signs of Pre-Diabetes

February 8, 20170

Pre-diabetes has become a raging concern in India with an increasing number of cases being diagnosed. 60% of Prediabetics go on to develop Diabetes.

In addition, common symptoms like increased thirst and urination, increased hunger and blurry vision, may have become well known, but it is important to note that these symptoms do not arise overnight, but tend to build up gradually. Further, there are some additional symptoms that may be indicative of high blood sugar, which one would not even think to associate with pre-diabetes.

This could be a major reason why a majority of pre-diabetes cases are still undiagnosed. Here we bring you some of the lesser known symptoms of pre-diabetes that can help you with a timely diagnosis and better management of this condition.

Your vision seems to be changing

You may have heard that blurry vision is a sign of blood sugar levels being higher than normal, but did you know that a sudden improvement in your vision can also indicate abnormal sugar levels? According to research studies, high sugar levels can lead to movement in the bodily fluids including the eyes. This can lead to changes in the vision which may be blurry or more defined. However, the instant you observe any sudden changes in your eyesight, it is advisable to go in for a consultation.

UTI seems to be a frequent occurrence

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection can also be a symptom of elevated sugar levels. Especially if this condition becomes a recurrent concern, doctors advise to instantly check blood glucose levels. When sugar levels in the blood and urine are high, the genitals are more prone to bacterial and yeast infections, upping the risk for UTI.

Skin is constantly itchy

A skin condition is clearly a dermatological issue right, how can it relate to blood sugar? This is a common thought as a large number of people are still unaware of the connection of sugar levels and skin health. High sugar levels can slow down the blood and oxygen circulation in the body, leading to an increase in itchiness especially around the hands, feet and genital areas. If you notice any rashes or experience constant itchiness which doesn’t seem to subside after a couple of days, it may be time to check your sugar levels.

Your TV volume is louder than before

One of the least known symptoms of pre-diabetes is often changes in hearing levels. Without realising you may find yourself talking louder so as to encourage people to talk back at a louder volume. The volume of your music station may be set a little higher than before cause your hearing isn’t as good. In a country as noisy as India, it is easy to attribute this to external sounds. However, it may also be a sign of high blood sugar which can damage the nerves of the inner ear, affecting your ability to hear.

Sleep comes with loud snores

Yes, if you find your partner suddenly complaining about your loud snoring (something you swear you don’t do), it may be time to check your sugar levels. A large number of people with higher sugar levels than normal also develop a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea which leads to disturbed sleep, snoring and often tiredness during the day.

So while it is advisable to look out for common pre-diabetes symptoms, it is essential not to ignore any of the above-mentioned signs either as enable timely diagnosis, it is recommended to get a timely diagnosis and treatment from a Diabetologist, as Prediabetes with proper treatment and lifestyle changes can be reversed.

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