How Should Diabetics Take Care of Their Skin in Winter?

March 7, 20170

The slight chill in the air is a welcome respite from the hot summer months. Early mornings and evenings have started to stay quite cool with many even switching off the fans in their homes. However, this chilly season also brings with it dry skin that can start to become flaky if not cared for in time. And for diabetics the dryness can be much worse as diabetes has a significant impact on skin as well. Research indicates that almost 30% of diabetics develop some kind of skin disorder over time. While this result is alarming, the good news is that most skin problems can be treated or prevented by a simple care routine.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Skin

Control sugar levels: This primary rule for diabetes is essential for healthy skin too. This is because elevated sugar levels lead to increased dryness of the skin. Further, in winter dry skin tends to start chapping which can worsen risk for infections.

Avoid very hot baths: A hot bath may be appealing during the winter months, but keep your showers warm as hot water can worsen dryness. After your bath, pat yourself dry and avoid rubbing your vigorously with a towel. Also, in this season it is advisable to use moisturising soaps and gentle shampoos.

Moisturise your skin: Be sure to keep your skin moisturised at all times to avoid dryness. Using a skincare lotion immediately after your shower is great to seal in the moisture. However, be sure to avoid the areas between your toes and fingers as they are prone to infection.

Monitor your feet: This diabetic advice gets even more important in winters. Check for feet daily for any cuts or sores that may worsen with dryness. Keep them well moisturised and wear comfortable socks and shoes every time you step out of the house.

Use heaters sparingly: Heaters can worsen dryness of the skin if exposed to for long periods of time. Make it a habit to use the heater for short durations and keep your skin moisturised when the heater is on. However, if you need a heater liberally in your area, it may be a good idea to buy a humidifier as well to avoid intense dryness.

Cover up well: Avoid exposure to cold winter air as much as possible. Along with drying the skin, it can also impact blood circulation negatively, especially in the hands and feet. So cover up with gloves and socks each time you go out.

Treat any cuts instantly: In case you notice any cuts or chapped skin which may be bleeding, be sure to clean it with a disinfectant and apply antibiotic ointment right away. Chapped skin is a major doorway for bacteria and infections and should be treated instantly.

Along with these simple tips, be sure to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy as that helps moisturise the skin while improving your health. The winter season is all about sending time outdoors and celebrating the holiday season. So keep your skin well moisturised and covered, and enjoy the season!

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