I Get Tired Very Easily, Long Standing Diabetes

March 21, 20170

These days feeling tired or exhausted seems to be norm for a majority of people. Most people say it’s due to stress, hectic schedules or lack of a good work life balance. However, this sort of constant low energy or fatigue can be due to long standing diabetes.

Cause for tiredness in diabetes

The feeling of lethargy or fatigue generally arises when blood sugar levels are either higher or lower than normal. This could be due to the body not being able to process insulin correctly (Type 2), inadequate production of insulin (Type 1) or an incorrect diet. When insulin in the body is low, it isn’t regulated enough to supply the cells with energy, making us feel tired.

This is why it is so important for people with diabetes to constantly strive to keep their blood sugar levels normal. Not only does it helps keep you active but also prevent any other diabetic complications such as heart problems or hypertension.

Reasons for being so tired

Low blood sugar (Hypoglycaemia)

Sometimes diabetics get too focussed on lowering their blood sugar levels without realising that it could fall below normal levels. Low levels of glucose in the body mean there is less conversion into energy making you feel tired. This could be due to a high dosage of medication, skipping meals, eating less carbohydrates or even taking insulin incorrectly. Be sure to eat healthy meals and take your medication as advised by the doctor. In case you are feeling tired even after following the doctor’s prescription, be sure to go in for a follow up consultation, as it may require changes to your medicine dosage or diet plan.

High blood sugar after eating

Many people with diabetes complain about feeling tired soon after their meals. This may be because of the meal consumed in itself. Eating carbohydrates made from processed flour get converted in to energy very quickly leading to a sudden spike in glucose levels followed by a quick crash. To avoid such a situation always eat high fiber carbs like whole grains, oats etc. also, if your meal has a higher portion of carbohydrates, it could cause an elevation in blood sugar levels making you tired. Apart from dietary reasons, high blood sugar can also be caused due to insufficient medication. In case, you find yourself feeling more tired be sure to get your levels checked and consult your doctor. He may change your medicine dosage. Keep in mind, weight gain or obesity is the leading cause for high blood sugar levels. So if you are overweight, make sure to eat a healthy diet and exercise to first bring your weight down to normal. This will require a diet of high fiber carbohydrate and a regular workout regime.

Abnormal sugar levels during the night

People who wake up tired generally have fluctuating sugar levels during the night. This could be high or low sugar levels. In such a case, it is advised to monitor you sugar levels before sleeping and as soon as you wake up in the morning (fasting blood test). Based on these values the doctor may even recommend you to test these levels during the night. To combat this tiredness dietary and medicinal change may be suggested by the doctor.

Thus we see constant lethargy or tiredness is reflective of abnormal sugar levels. To counter this feeling of exhaustion and be active, ensure that you are following a healthy meal plan and exercise regime. Also, be sure to take your medicine only as advised by the doctor! Monitor your levels regularly and consult your doctor in case you see any fluctuations.

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