Symptoms That People With Diabetes Should Not Ignore!

December 6, 20220

Did you know over 60 million people are affected by diabetes in India alone? And this is not just in adults but children too! Because of this widespread prevalence almost everyone now knows that for diabetes a healthy diet and regular exercise is a must. However, there are several other factors that need to be considered by people with diabetes to ensure good health. The good news is that your body will find ways to tell you if something is wrong. So let’s see how closely you can pay attention!

Following are certain crucial symptoms that people with diabetes must pay close attention to. In case you notice any of these symptoms, please do not ignore them but immediately inform your healthcare provider.

Excessive thirst and Frequent urination

Yes we all know this summer heat is intense and drinking more water is normal. However, excessive thirst and frequent urination is a serious indicator of high sugar levels for Type I and Type II diabetes. So why not get your sugar levels checked and monitor it closely for a bit. In case you see any changes, be sure to alert your doctor.

The reason this is important is because if left untreated, high glucose levels could lead to dehydration, vision problems, confusion and even seizures. A fact to keep in mind is that high sugar levels are not just affected by your diet but can be triggered by an infection or another illness. So even with controlled diets and routine exercise, lifestyle and external factors can trigger high sugar levels.

Vision problems

High blood sugar levels also affect one’s vision and can lead to blurriness or seeing spots (known as floaters). In people with diabetes, vision problems can be a sign of diabetic retinopathy which affects the blood vessels in the eye. In case one feels that the vision is blurry or less focussed and sharp, be sure to get your blood sugar levels tested and visit the eye doctor.

Foot sores and Leg pain

It’s so common to hear of people with diabetes complaining about leg pain. And with restless leg syndrome spread all over the internet, many just assume that to be their case. Also foot rashes, sores or infections are blamed on the summer heat or footwear. However, these are important warning signs being sent by your body!

A lot of these can be caused by decreased blood circulation due to clogged arteries and nerve damage. Some people may also experience pain in their legs or sensations of tingling and numbness caused due to blocked arteries. Along with creating complications in the legs, this can overtime lead to serious heart problems as well. It is essential to report even the smallest rash or infection to the doctor instantly as left untreated this could lead to severe leg problems including amputations in severe cases.

Gum infections and Mouth odour

Have you recently changed your toothpaste or observed yourself using more breath mints? Well, the mouth odour or Infections in the gum such as swollen or bleeding gums could be linked to your diabetic condition. These are indicative of damage in the nerves and blood vessels, and may be due to abnormal levels of insulin. Uncontrolled sugar levels in the body for a longer duration cam lead to periodontal disease. Be sure to inform the doctor instantly if any of these symptoms occur.

Light-headedness or depression

We all know that maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is crucial for people with diabetes. However there are chances that any change in your diet, exercise routine or medication can lead to low sugars. In cases of low blood sugar, you may feel sweaty, light-headed and unsettled. Don’t dismiss these symptoms as just feeling unwell.

To counter low sugars it is essential to routinely monitor blood sugar levels and carry sugar or glucose with you in your bag at all times for instant relief. Drinking 100 ml of juice is enough to raise sugar levels when sugar or glucose is not instantly available. After 15minutes have a small snack to help the body maintain the sugar levels. Also, be sure to inform your doctor in case you notice any of these symptoms so as to monitor your medicine or insulin dosage.

Not feeling good

Diabetics may also suffer from depression like symptoms such as sadness, lack of enthusiasm, low energy. These are not symptoms of weakness but an indication for help. Talk to your doctor for advice or contact a counsellor for better management.

All in all, while diabetes is a serious ailment, living a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to the smallest details can help keep it in check and live a good life.

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